Kachelo Fruit Farms has a agriculturally rich and progressive legacy and is synonymous with quality. In 2017, we were the first Farm to launch and retail an “A grade Mango fruit” box on ecommerce, however, leaving us with inefficiencies in our harvest.

Our new vision came into action to create Value Addition Products through semi-vertical systems, aiming to maximise efficiency by upcycling our surplus of fruits. Discover more..(link)

The love for innovation and faith in futurism, gives birth to Kachelo Foods in 2022. It follows the same zeal of keeping on the table something promisingly authentic, exclusively farm fresh and exceptionally mouth-watering, exactly as you expect from Kachelo Gelato. It uses no-preservatives, artificial flavors or food colors by an exemplary vertical integration never seen before. The best fruit and other ingredients are now the best scoop.

For the love of Earth

What also sets the Kachelo apart is its love for water, soil, earth, roots, trees, birds, fish and the planet (all inclusive). The environmental endeavors at the fruit farm and the Gelato Factory are commendable with processes and operations designed around steps of sustainability as priority.

The Kachelo Crew is led by two managing partners, a husband and his wife… forwardly educated in the science of Gelato with a strong expertise in Retail and inherently learned in the art of agriculture. Their certifications range from Gelato manufacturing to drip irrigation. The two combined put almost Two decades of experience in Marketing, Sales, Agriculture and Farming.

Gelato catering at weddings & different events.

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